Fritz Bar and Restaurant

Stowehof Inn and Resort

434 Edson Hill Road

Stowe, Vermont

It is with regret that we report this hidden gem has been PERMANENTLY CLOSED.

It certainly has been a long cold lonely winter. When the snow is deep and the air is crisp, what else better to do than to go on a ski trip. Mr. and Ms. Diner had the great pleasure of spending a few wonderful days up in the mountains of Vermont. Although at times the temperature was double digit negative, the sky was blue and the slopes were magnificent. We stayed on the property owned by the von Trapp family. Yes, the very same von Trapp family from that timeless classic, The Sound of Music. It seems that the Captain and his family, after they escaped from Austria through the mountains, moved to Vermont and started a lodge. As lovely as it is, that is not what this entry is about. We had the good fortune to be taken to a local inn, which we soon found out also has a famous history. The Stowehof Inn and Resort was the filming location for the movie The Four Seasons, directed by and starring Alan Alda. This brings us to today’s hidden gem. In the basement of the Stowehof Inn is a quaint little pub. Fritz Bar and Restaurant is as rustic as its old wooden timbers, rumoured to be from the property of none other than Vermont’s own famous patriot, Ethan Allen. This is a friendly, welcoming place, with a wonderful fireplace, perfect for the alpine backdrop that is Vermont. While the menu has been revamped since our last visit, you can still get the most juicy, tasty hamburger, made from the finest quality beef, with all the fixin’s, prepared exactly to your liking, and a draft beer from a selection of tasty Vermont microbrews. Yes, we know this is out of the way, but if you ever make it to Stowe, Vermont, you must visit Fritz Bar and Restaurant. It is one of those hidden gem experiences you won’t soon forget.

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